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Dongguan Tianmu Industrial Co., LTD., founded in 2009, is a manufacturing enterprise focusing on industrial adhesive products and industrial packaging materials. The main products are 3M, NITTO, TESA, SONY, PORON and other well-known adhesive products at home and abroad as the main body, is also the authorized dealer of 3M company. We from product development, production, processing can provide customers with a full range of solutions.

The company integrates production, sales and precision processing, and its products mainly include: All kinds of single/double-sided tape, foam tape, Velcro, no backing tape, high temperature resistant tape, anticorrosion tape/low temperature, conductive/thermal conductive adhesive tape, packing tape, fiber tape, textured adhesive tape, electrical tape, copper foil tape, aluminum foil tape, protective film, anti-collision rubber pad, all kinds of EVA, TPU, PE and 3 m adhesive glue, and other products.

The company has many sets of advanced production machinery and processing equipment (such as: cutting machine, slitting machine, die-cutting machine, laminating machine, compound machine, precision punching machine, etc.), sophisticated detection equipment, such as viscosity test instrument, relay tester, high/low temperature tester, etc.) and a good team, can provide customers with a variety of adhesive tape and selection of die cutting processing and solutions.

At present, the company's direct or indirect cooperation with the well-known customer base: TCL, LG, DELL, Samsung, Haier Electric Appliances, Schneider Electric appliances, Midea electric appliances, Glens electric appliances, Foxconn, Dongfeng Nissan, Guangzhou Honda, Wuhan Iron and Steel Group and so on.

Our customers involved in hardware, electronics, plastic, automotive, watches, lighting, toys, daily necessities, printing, clothing, gifts, transportation, aviation, shipbuilding, advertising and other industrial fields.

Tianmu company with excellent product quality and enthusiastic service attitude deep domestic and foreign customers accept and support, we strict quality management, high quality service enthusiasm, and the majority of new and old customers hand in hand to create a better future!