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What are the effects of 3M double-sided adhesive?

Release date: 2021-12-13 10:12:49
Information summary:
The effect of 3M double-sided tape1, strong adhesiveRegardless of the functional choice (repeatable position) or (struct...

The effect of 3M double-sided tape

1, strong adhesive

Regardless of the functional choice (repeatable position) or (structural strengthening), the adhesive is more even in the stress distribution, which can exclude the mechanical fixed pressure under stable adhesion.

2. Hidden laminating effect

The use of adhesive tape assembly can keep the surface clean and smooth, provide a wider space for designers to play.

3, reduce cost and improve manufacturing process efficiency

You can simplify or replace the riveting, welding, surface retreatment and cleaning steps in the manufacturing process, and it is easy to use freehand. The 3M automatic adhesive system can also help achieve high volume goals.

4, joint, sealing, filling gap synchronous completion

With different thickness options, you can easily combine, seal and fill gaps simultaneously.

5. Industrial fastener products with strong adhesion

To meet the needs of repeatable fasteners and high viscosity, a full line of 3M industrial fasteners (hook face, wool face) and child buckle (mushroom head) are available on a wide range of surfaces with different levels of peel strength.


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